Ultrasonic open channel flow meter

SF-500S is an ultrasonic non-contacting flow meter for open channels. The measured level value is converted into the rate of flow in specific weirs or flumes therefore the accurate level value is very important. LXD-04 sensor is an exclusive sensor for open channel flow, it provides accurate level reading.

SF-500S provides a variety of weirs and flumes formulations so it can be used in different applications. The measured flow information is saved in the memory of SF-500S and it can be downloaded by USB or transmitted by digital communication such as RS232, RS485, or Modbus.

– Exclusive Sensor for Open Channel Flow
– User Friendly Menu
– Error Instruction Guide by QR Code scanning
– RS232, RS485, Modbus
– Logging Data Downloading by USB
– Firmware Upgrading by USB
– Data Logging long time Period
– Various Flumes and Weirs Formulations
1) Parshall Flumes
2) Suppressed Rectangular Weirs
3) Contracted Rectangular Weirs
4) V-Notch (Triangular) Weirs
5) Cipolletti Weirs
6) Leopold Lagco Flumes
7) Palmer Bowlus Flumes
8) H Flumes
9) Trapezoidal Flumes