Thermal flow switch


Thermal Flow Switch PSF100

♦ Affordable price

♦ Operates in wide flow rates for water and oil

♦ Response time of only 15 seconds

♦ Enhanced microcontroller technology

♦ Easy programming and calibration

♦ Self-diagnostics and troubleshooting

♦ IP65 protection class

♦ Explosion-proof version available

COMECO’s PSF100 flow switch is designed to operate with low-viscosity, non-viscous, clean or dirty liquids with moderate flow rates as water and water solutions, oil, and fuels. This model utilizes the well-know principle of thermal dispersion, based on the measurement of temperature difference deviation due to the flow rate via 2 temperature sensors immersed in the controlled medium. An output relay switches when the flow rate reaches the set-point value after a maximum of 15-second response time. An enhanced microcontroller design allows simple user calibration and continuous self-diagnostic.