Digital Industrial Battery Charger


The D-series industrial battery-chargers have been designed to re-charge the stationary batteries (lead-acid or Ni-Cd ones ) and to supply DC loads simultaneously with no break even during a AC power down.

D-Series is mainly depend on power transformer and SCR rectifier module.

There are many different output ranges available (12 – 24 – 48 – 72 – 110 – 220 VDC), all of which have a large adjustment range (float and Hi-rate), and there is current limit adjustment to prevent overcurrent from batteries.

All adjustment can be achieved digitally through GLCD and push buttons to control float voltage, Hi-rate voltage, current limit and Hi- rate time.

D-series provide all required protection for AC input, DC output and Earth leakage and all values can be adjusted digitally through GLCD and push buttons.

As option, the charger can be provided with DC/DC converter to supply the load with constant voltage.