Analog Industrial Battery Charger


The T-series industrial battery-chargers have been designed to re-charge the stationary batteries(lead-acid or Ni-Cd ones ) and to supply DC loads simultaneously with no break even during a AC power down.

T-Series is mainly depend on power transformer and SCR rectifier module.

There are many different output ranges available (12 – 24 – 48 – 72 – 110 – 220 VDC), all of which have a large adjustment range (float and Hi-rate), and there is current limit adjustment to prevent overcurrent from batteries.

All adjustment can be achieved by variable resistances built in control to control float voltage, Hi-rate voltage, current limit and Hi- rate time.

T-series is needed to protection device so we supply it with OUV unit.

As option, the charger can be provided with DC/DC converter to supply the load with constant voltage.